Strategic Planning Committee

Validate key business assumptions, analyze financial impact, and oversee project expenses based on business models.

Fundraising Committee

Identify and steward prospects and solicitations for $350 million capital campaign.

Building Committee

Assist in selection of project architect and oversee construction project.

Marketing Committee

Create and launch strategic marketing campaign and support the marketing needs of all subcommittees.

Corporate Gifts & Grants Committee

Secure grants from foundations and philanthropists dedicated to Zionist education, continuity of Jewish peoplehood and securing a vibrant future for the land and people of Israel.

Education Committee

Engage with all AMHSI alumni. Collaborate with development and deployment of recruitment strategy.

Internship Committee

Conduct focus groups in coordination with JNF Campus Fellows in the area of internships and gap year programs.

Adult Education Committee

Promote all aspects of the campus project. Conduct focus groups and facilitate cooperation with potential community and organization partners.